Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Pasta Salad

1/2 box or 8 oz of dry pasta
1/2 cup of creamy Caesar dressing
1/2 cup Italian dressing
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
Diced red , green and orange peppers, black olives,red onion,cucumber
1.Boil the noodles according to the package directions in a medium sized pot.   Rinse with cold water and drain, set aside.  
2.In a large bowl combine pasta, both dressings, Parmesan cheese and any vegetables together.  

3.Mix well and refrigerate for a few hours until chilled.  Serves 6-8 people.

* I made this for a family party so that's why my pics look like so much more then the recipe says. It was really good and a nice change from the normal just Italian dressing salad. I would make this again. I give it a 4 1/2

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