Monday, May 13, 2013

Kalua Pork

5 lb. pork shoulder roast
1-1 1/2 Tbsp coarse sea salt
1½ Tbsp liquid smoke

1.With a knife, cut slits into the roast with the tip.Rub salt all over the roast and place it in the slow cooker.
2.Pour liquid smoke over the roast.
3.Cook on low heat for 16 to 20 hours, turning halfway through the cooking process.Remove roast from the slow cooker and shred.

4.Add some of the liquid left in the slow cooker to the meat until most.

* Yes you read this right it needs to cook 16-20 hours I only had a 3 1/2 lb roast so I did mine for 13 hours. I only used 1T salt on my smaller roast and thought that it was a little to salty for my taste but it up to you. Other then that it tasted great. It defiantly had the smoked flavor from cooking so long.We put the meat on rolls with Havarti cheese and some bbq sauce

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