Monday, July 29, 2013

Cream Cheese Lasagna

1/2 box of lasagna noodles
32oz pasta sauce
1/2 lb. Italian sausage
1/2lb ground beef
2 cloves garlic
1 med chopped onion
1 16oz container cottage cheese
1- 8 oz. packages cream cheese, softened
2 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
3/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese
Italian Seasoning

1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a large sauce pan, brown the sausage,beef,onion and garlic over medium heat, breaking into small pieces with a wooden spoon.
2.Once the meat is fully cooked, add the pasta sauce and simmer for 10 minutes.

3.Boil the noodles in a large pot of salty water, according to package instructions.
4.Spray an 9X13 inch baking dish with non-stick spray. Smear 9-10 noodles with an equal portion of cream cheese.
 assemble lasagna: One large scoop of meat sauce on the bottom, 3-4 noodles across (cream cheese side up), 1/3 of the mozzarella and parmesan.1/3 of the cottage cheese Repeat. After the third layer of noodles with cream cheese, pour the rest of the sauce over the noodles before adding the last layer of the mozzarella and parmesan. Sprinkle the top with Italian Seasoning.

Bake uncovered for 25-30 minutes—until the cheese is toasty and the sides are bubbling. Wait at least 10 minutes before cutting.

I got this recipe from aspicyperspective I added a lot of my own stuff to this recipe but it was super good I loved the taste of the cream cheese in the pasta. Would make again.

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