Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mini White Castle Sliders copycat

2 lbs. 80/20  ground beef
1/2 cup dried onion flakes
seasoning salt
2 packages of 12 dinner rolls
cheese slices
pickle slices
1. Add a even layer of dried onion flakes in the bottom of a 9×13 pan.(I used a cookie sheet so that the patties were not as thick)

 2. Smash the 2 pounds of ground beef into the dish and sprinkle with seasoning salt. Make sure to use the fatty meat so the onion flakes will get nice and tender from all the juice
 3. Bake in 400 oven for 25 minutes. The meat will shrink, so you can cover the entire thing with 6 slices of cheese.

4. Cut into 24 pieces (6 rows of 4)
5. Slide the patties rolls and top each with a pickle slice.

* I got this recipe from smockityfrocks it was super yummy and everyone loved the sliders. They were so easy to make.

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