Monday, February 14, 2011

Oven Baked Bacon

1.Place a cooling rack inside of a cookie sheet with sides.
2.Place bacon on the rack

3.Place in cold oven and then turn oven to 400 degrees
4.Bake for 17-20 min. As soon as the bacon is golden brown take out of the oven. Baking time depends on the thickness of the bacon.

5. Remove bacon from pan and pat off the excess grease with a paper towel.

* This is a great way to make bacon not only does all the grease dip off under the bacon but it doesn't stink up your house like bacon grease for the rest of the day. Once the oven cooled off I no longer could smell any bacon flavor. And no the oven doesn't smell like bacon when you heat it up again to use for something else.

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  1. Hey I'm not complaining if my house smells of bacon after I cook it. Unlike cabbage smell.  ⊙‿⊙


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