Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheeseburger Ring

1/4 cup onion
1 pound  ground beef
1/4 cup ketchup
2T mayo
2 teaspoons yellow mustard
1/2 Cup shredded plus 5 slices Cheddar cheese, divided
2 (8 ounce) packages crescent rolls
16 dill pickle slices
3 large plum tomatoes
2 cups lettuce
Sesame seeds

1. Heat oven to 375.

2. Chop onion. Cook ground beef with onions over medium heat 8-10 minutes or until beef is no longer pink; drain. Add ketchup,mayo, mustard and 1/2 cup of the cheese shredded cheese,stir until cheese is melted. Remove pan from heat.

3. Unroll crescent dough; separate into 16 triangles. Arrange triangles in a circle on a Round pan with points towards the outside. (There should be a 5-inch diameter opening in the center.) Using Medium Scoop, scoop meat mixture evenly onto widest end of each triangle. Top each scoop with pickle slice. Bring points of triangles up over filling and tuck under wide ends of dough at center of ring. (filling will not be completely covered.) sprinkle with sesame seeds

4. Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until deep golden brown. Remove from oven. Cut each of the remaining 5 cheese slices in half to make triangles. Arrange cheese triangles over top of ring.Place back in the oven 2-3 min until cheese is melted. Slice tomatoes. Arrange tomato slices around inside center of ring. Slice lettuce into thin strands. Place in center of ring. Serve with additional ketchup and mustard.


  1. I just found your blog and can't wait to try out some of your recipes! Thanks!

  2. This looks yummy! I'm totally going to have my hubby make this tonight. :)

  3. I think I'm going to have give this a try tonight. What a great idea! I would have never thought of it!

  4. Wow! Talk about a creative variation on the typical cheeseburger! My kids would absolutely love this. Very innovative! :)

  5. Totally made it last night and it was a big hit. My hubby and boys loved it. Definitely going to be making it again soon. Thanks!

  6. What a great party dish. Looks so good.


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