Friday, August 10, 2012

Repost of my Favorites from 2011

So I have finally made my list of all my favorites from 2011. This list is a lot bigger then the list I did for 2010 because its a full years worth of recipes where 2010 was only about 5 months worth. So I tried to narrow it down the best I could but realized there was still a lot that I really wanted to include in my list. So I think that I will need to post them in more then one post.  I broke them down into categories to make it easier.  Try some of these out and let me know what you think :) Here are half of my favorites from 2011..

Side Dishes

                                          Broccoli salad
                                          Red White and Blue Jello
                                          Strawberry graham dessert
                                          Potato Salad
                                          Raspberry Peach Jello
                                          Cilantro Lime Rice
                                          Mixed Berry Jello
Honey Mustard Sauce


                                            Chicken Tortilla Soup
                                          Blue Ribbon Chili
                                          Lasagna Soup


                                         Cinnamon Sugar Orange Knots
                                          Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
                                         Super Soft Dinner Rolls
                                         Buttermilk Banana Bread
                                          Cornbread Cake
                                          Cranberry Orange Pull Aparts
                                          Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread
                                          Monkey Bread
                                          Texas Roadhouse Rolls

                                          lemon streusel muffins

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my favorite dinners and desserts of 2011 :)

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  1. OHHH I must agree those are some very yummy ones! I need to try the Cranberry Orange Pull Aparts it would be perfect for the holidays!


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